Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

the description of rabbit

rabbits are rodents .. it has two large incisors in front .. it has two legs and two short arms .. it has a lot of color .. but, in general, white rabbit, black and brown .. it has long ears .. that's why he has a keen hearing .. it has large eyes and red .. short tail and pink nose .. it also has a thick fur .. that's what makes it look very funny .. rabbits are animals susceptible to disease .. that's why a should get special treatment, such as food and drink is clean and clean place to live, too.

to go to a place, a rabbit must make the leaps .. it uses it legs to jump .. including a tame rabbit animals, so many people who make pet .. besides that rabbits also like to play .. that is why most games have a rabbit cage .. The game will also make the rabbit to be healthy and away from the disease.. usually, when night fell rabbits sleep with the way his stomach ..
rabbits can be found in our own homes .. because we maintain it .. it lived in the cage .. but, there is also a rabbit that can be found in the wild .. to protect themselves from predators it stayed in the hole .. breed rabbits with the mode of delivery .. and it fed it child with milk gave way ..

rabbits really like vegetables .. especially carrots .. It is his favorite food .. in addition to carrots, it also likes lettuce and nuts and fruits .. sometimes it also likes the grass that still fresh and green .. sometimes it also was given the foliage as food ..

BY: Rahmia Sari, IX.1

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